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John Kasich holds town hall meetings in metro Atlanta | News

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John Kasich holds town hall meetings in metro Atlanta

KENNESAW, Ga. — While the other GOP candidates stay in Nevada, waiting for the outcome of Tuesday’s caucus, John Kasich was here in Georgia trying to rally support before Super Tuesday. 

He spent the morning at the State legislature speaking in both the House and Senate chambers before heading to Kennesaw State University to talk with students. 

11Alive's Rebecca Lindstrom
followed the candidate while he was on the campaign trail throughout Atlanta, and while Kasich isn’t necessarily drawing the same size crowds as some of the other candidates, it was standing room only at the KSU event. 

During the event, Kasich talked about the nation’s debt, job creation and the Syrian refugee crisis.

“The burden is on us and we have to accept it,” the candidate said. “We don’t need to be the policemen of the world, but in some ways we have to be the conscience of the world.”

Despite the positive reactions, only one of the students 11Alive spoke with said the town hall may have swayed their vote. 

“I’m still undecided,” the student said. “(I’m) leaning toward Ted Cruz still.”

But not even Kasich seemed convinced he was the right choice.

“I don’t know if my purpose is to be president,” he said. “My purpose is to be out here doing what I think I need to be doing, and we’ll see where it ends up.”

If event-goers were looking for a stronger tone and a willingness to take of the gloves and fight, they didn’t get that. Instead, Kasich speech seemed more inspirational – telling students to find their purpose and believe in it.

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