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KSU students upset in notification delay after sex assault on campus | News

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KSU students upset in notification delay after sex assault on campus

KENNESAW, GA (WXIA) -- Kennesaw State University has alerted its students of a sexual assault on campus.

Four men attacked one of the students inside Austin Residence Complex late Sunday night. The school describes the incident as a "rape/sexual attack."

On Tuesday afternoon, students were upset they didn't find out about it for twenty-four hours.

"I didn't get any notification from Kennesaw yet," student Jordan Gentry said.

"You have to have your phone set up to get texts, and we didn't get any alerts," explained Christina Bhatia.

We asked KSU junior Jayln Bennett to check her email. That's when and where she found the notice, called a "timely warning notification," sent out a day after the attack.

"Their apartment is right there, and mine is there," she said.

Bennett said she had no idea about the assault until we notified her.

With three recent sexual attacks on campus students say they've been watching out by walking in groups, carrying mace and knowing where the blue alert boxes are located.

KSU issued a statement: "Campus safety is our top priority. There is no place in our campus community for sexual assault."

The attack remains under investigation. With four suspects undeterred, students want as many details as possible.

"You shouldn't feel unsafe walking to your call and they definitely should have a form of communication. An email two days after it's happened. That's not communication," Bhatia said.

Students are not getting many details about the attack. No suspect descriptions have been released, other than one of the four may be a student.

Instead, KSU issued a warning to be vigilant about safety.