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Guard injured in FedEx facility shooting faces 'important decision' | News

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Guard injured in FedEx facility shooting faces 'important decision'
Guard injured in FedEx facility shooting faces 'important decision'

KENNESAW, Ga. – The security guard injured in a shooting at a Kennesaw FedEx facility last April is facing a long road to recovery, his wife says.

On April 29, 2014, Christopher Sparkman was shot at point-blank range in the abdomen when a 19-year-old man opened fire at the FedEx facility. The gunman went on to kill himself.

In the 11 months since the shooting, Sparkman has endured a long series of surgeries. After being released from the hospital last August, he returned for a planned surgery on Feb. 16, according to a post by his wife Jamie Lynn at ChristopherSparkman.com.

Jamie Lynn said the surgery was hoped to be his last one, and that he would be able to heal after an extensive stay in the hospital. However, six days after the surgery, Christopher got sick from a toxic leak and was taken back to the operating room.

Doctors placed Sparkman in a medically-induced coma as he underwent numerous surgeries and cleanings.

"The pain and anxiety of being awake would have been too much for Chris to endure," Jamie Lynn Sparkman wrote.

On Friday, Feb. 27, Christopher was taken out of the coma as doctors attempted to patch the leak.

"He began walking, trying to eat solid food, and kept pushing through his pain," his wife wrote.

Despite optimism that the Feb. 27 surgery would be his last, Christopher was taken back into the operating room on March 6 to patch a leak in his colon. It was his 32nd surgery.

Doctors told the Sparkmans that Christopher would be inoperable for a year after that surgery. Still, the leak happened again and Christopher was sent home to await his next surgery.

"We now face an important decision for Chris' health over the next year," Jamie Lynn Sparkman said. "He can either stay in the hospital on his TPN diet, and eat nothing by mouth or he can begin to eat and come home to manage woundcare for the year until he is ready for surgery again."

Jamie Lynn said the journey so far has been difficult, and more hard decisions await the family.

"It's quite honestly very difficult, and embarrassing for us to ask for help," She writes. "I had to leave my job to care for Chris. He has been denied disability from the government twice. Our only source of income has been small weekly benefits of workman's comp from Allied Barton, and the benevolent gifts you all have given."

Jamie Lynn Sparkman asks supporters for continued prayers. To read Jamie Lynn's full statement and to donate to the family, click here: ChristopherSparkman.com