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Kennesaw City Council rejects mosque proposal | News

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Kennesaw City Council rejects mosque proposal

KENNESAW, Ga. -- There will be no mosque in Kennesaw. At least not right away. The Kennesaw City Council voted on Monday to reject the request of a group of Muslims seeking to establish a worship center in the city.

Anti-Islamic demonstrators outside of Kennesaw City Hall made it clear that they believe an Islamic worship center is not welcome in Kennesaw.

The local Islamic group wanting to rent the retail space for their worship center agreed to every limitation that the Kennesaw city attorney wanted to impose, including a two-year only lease, no more than 80 worshipers allowed at a time and no more than 40 parking spaces could be used at a time.


It was just this past July when the City Council approved a request from a Christian church to rent space in a small retail center in Kennesaw for their worship services.

Councilmember Cris Eaton-Welsh made the motion to approve the Muslim's request to do the same, but the other four members refused, silently, without debate -- and without comment afterwards.

The attorney for the Muslim group, Doug Dillard, said they may sue the city in federal court. He said that in similar fights across Metro Atlanta, he has reached out-of-court settlements after suing the local governments. The cases never went to trial; the two sides ultimately reached a compromise.

The demonstrators are hoping that the city will continue to fight the Muslims' efforts to hold worship services in Kennesaw.