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Kennesaw State University ranked top college food | News

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Kennesaw State University ranked top college food
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Kennesaw State University ranked top college food

Your recollections of pizza, nachos, and mystery meat are outdated. Today's top-ranked college cafeteria's focus on farm-to-table cuisine with a staggering variety of options. Several Georgia colleges made the 2014 "Best College Food in America".

Every year, The Daily Meal ranks colleges for the cleanliness and accessibility of the dining halls along with the menu options. Healthy food, sustainability, and the nearby food scene are also part of the equation.

"We didn't consider student feedback this year because we didn't want school pride to interfere with the ranking. We wanted our ranking to be based on quantifiable criteria that would really determine the best colleges for food without passionate students and alumni skewing the list," the website said.

#17: University of Georgia, Athens, GA
#11: Emory University, Atlanta, GA
#4: Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA


The Daily Meal explained KSU's top ranking:

Kennesaw's dining services are perpetually evolving, making sure that options served are always fresh, and never boring. In fact, the menu changes so often that there are over 150 new dishes each day, and that doesn't even include the delicious events. Black and Gold dining is an event which occurs twice a month and serves high-class offerings like steak, lobster, and king crab. Other mouth-watering events include the Cram Jam, a Jell-O-eating contest, and Get Wild, which features exotic meats like kangaroo, rattlesnake, and emu right in the main dining hall! But it doesn't stop there. Kennesaw is one of the most committed universities to sustainability and health. The campus dietitian and the executive chef worked together to come up with Wise Choice meals which are low in sodium, low in calories, and heart healthy. As for sustainability, Kennesaw composts, reclaims rainwater, recycles, diverts more than 43,800 pounds of waste from landfills each month, and recycles cooking oil. And if you ever want to get off campus, hit up Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria, which is a student favorite and was featured on Man vs. Food for the infamous Carnivore Challenge.

What was your college cafeteria experience? Would it make the best or the worst list? Any favorite memories?

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