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Cobb County detectives find and return a puppy stolen from a Kennesaw couple | News

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Cobb County detectives find and return a puppy stolen from a Kennesaw couple

KENNESAW, Ga. -- Taryn Ford and Jonas Speight happily take their 13-week-old puppy Heather out for a walk.

When 11Alive News talked with them last week, they were convinced they'd never see her again.

That was before a visit from a Cobb County police detective Friday night.

"When the detective knocked on our door, the puppy jumped out of his arms and ran to us. We couldn't believe our eyes," said Speight.

The couple is now convinced they were victims of an online scam.

"The case is still open, but this now looks like a premeditated scheme. We're being told the same people who sold us Heather are the ones also involved in stealing her," said Ford.

Ford and her boyfriend Jonas Speight bought the purebred baby pit bull off of Craigslist several weeks ago. The sellers agreed to drop the dog off to them. The dog quickly won them over and was a constant companion for Ford's 8-year-old daughter.


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Sunday, August 17th, the couple said two teenage girls knocked on the door of the room they're renting at the Sun Suites Extended Stay Hotel. They said the girls had a puppy of their own in their arms and offered to take Heather outside to play. Speight declined, but soon after took his own puppy out to the grassy area at the end of the property.


There he said he saw those same two teenage girls with two young men sitting on the curb. The puppy they had been carrying was no where in sight.

"They approached Heather and asked if they could pet her and asked a lot of questions like was she a pure bred and how old was she," remembered Speight.

Within 5 minutes Speight said one of the boys unhooked the puppy's collar, grabbed the dog and yelled "run".

"They all start running and I tried to chase them through the parking lot. They all jumped into a waiting car and took off," said Speight. "One boy unhooked the collar and as I bent down to put the collar back on he picked the dog up and said run and everyone ran and I was chasing them through the parking lot."

He said they jumped into a waiting car and sped off.

Needless to say, the family was heartbroken.

Cobb County Police began investigating. Speight managed to memorize the license plate number of the getaway car. The case is still open, but a detective was able to return the dog to Ford and Speight Friday night.

"We are so happy. We can't believe they found her. She seems just fine," said Speight.

Now, they are warning others not to get taken in the same sort of scheme.

"Looking back, it was so calculated. The fact that they first approached us at our room. I now wonder how long they'd been staking out our puppy," said Ford.