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YouTube prom-posal a hit with Kell High students | News

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YouTube prom-posal a hit with Kell High students

MARIETTA, GA. -- As if the extensive event planning and searching for a prom dress wasn't already reminiscent of a wedding, now creative proposals are being matched by prom-posals. 

A quick search of YouTube will turn up dozens of videos of public prom invites, from flash mobs to concerts to 1500 balloons in one high school hallway.

Click here to watch YouTube prom-posal video. 

When this reporter saw a link from his sister-in-law over the weekend, he saw the trend had come to Georgia. Tracey Webster's prom date Steven Barker spent eight hours editing 1800 pictures into a four minute video.

"I was not expecting this, I would have been okay with a big pizza that said prom on it but it was amazing," Webster said. "For me, the second best thing to prom besides finding the dress and dancing would be being asked in a cool way."

Barker used stop-motion photography to show himself getting out of bed and going to the top of Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park to ask Tracey to prom. One of Tracey's friends drew her to the mountain, and Barker sent her a link to the video while he waited at the top of the park for an answer.

"I was losing service and I didn't know how close they were and I kind of just had to go for it," Barker said. "But it worked out fine, it worked out perfectly."

She said yes, and the video was a hit with the girls at Kell on Monday. But some of the male students said it created a new standard that was tough to match.

"Tracey deserved it, she's an awesome girl," Barker said.