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Would you wait in line for a half price TV for about $4 an hour? | News

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Would you wait in line for a half price TV for about $4 an hour?

KENNESAW, GA -- Black Friday is still a couple of days away, but a line of tents has already formed outside the Best Buy in Kennesaw.

In fact, the line began forming at seven Monday morning when 16-year-old Steven Hernandez of Acworth set up the first tent.

"I've been wanting some new TV's 'cause I have an old TV and it busted, so I want a new one," he told 11Alive News.

The TV Hernandez wants is one of ten widescreen models that will be half off come midnight Friday morning.

It means a savings of $400.

But after camping out on the sidewalk for four days, he'll basically be working for just over $4 an hour to get it...less than minimum wage.

Does he think it's worth that kind of effort?

"Yeah, I mean it's torture sleeping on the concrete, but I got some blankets there, you know," the high school junior said.

Since school is out this week, he said he's got plenty of time on his hands.

None of the other campers wanted to be interviewed, but 11Alive asked some regular Best Buy shoppers what they thought of the early birds.

"I wouldn't have that kind of conviction," said Brittany Holden. "Seems a little crazy."

"God bless 'em; they're stimulating the economy and anything helps these days," said shopper Perry White.

When asked if he'd camp out for a $4 an hour savings, he laughed and said, "No."

This isn't the first bargain campout for Steven Hernandez.

He sat outside the same Best Buy for two days last Thanksgiving week, but came up empty handed.

He said this time he's determined to get one of the half off widescreen TV's, even if it means four days on the concrete.