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New law had beer fans waiting for midnight

KENNESAW, GA (WXIA) – Late Tuesday, lines had formed ahead of Georgia's new brewery law, with fans getting ready for midnight tours.


Rest assured, fans don't need to show up at midnight to take advantage of what was once called the "Beer Jobs Bill." But, starting Tuesday night at midnight, for the first time in nearly a century, beer fans can walk into a Georgia brewery and take beer home with them.

"It is a big moment," one fan said.

It's a moment that had supporters waiting.

"Got here about 7:00," said beer enthusiast Ryne Grotts.

KSU students upset in notification delay after sex assault on campus

KENNESAW, GA (WXIA) -- Kennesaw State University has alerted its students of a sexual assault on campus.

Four men attacked one of the students inside Austin Residence Complex late Sunday night. The school describes the incident as a "rape/sexual attack."

On Tuesday afternoon, students were upset they didn't find out about it for twenty-four hours.

"I didn't get any notification from Kennesaw yet," student Jordan Gentry said.

"You have to have your phone set up to get texts, and we didn't get any alerts," explained Christina Bhatia.

We asked KSU junior Jayln Bennett to check her email. That's when and where she found the notice, called a "timely warning notification," sent out a day after the attack.

"Their apartment is right there, and mine is there," she said.

Bennett said she had no idea about the assault until we notified her.

Sexual assault reported at Kennesaw State

KENNESAW, Ga. – Kennesaw State University police are investigating an alleged sexual assault.

According to a statement released by the school, a woman reported being sexually assault on campus late Sunday into Monday.

The alleged incident happened between 11 p.m. June 21 and 1:20 a.m. June 22 at the Austin Residence Complex.

Police sent notice to students, faculty and staff of the report.

University President Daniel S. Papp said that campus safety is a top priority and vowed to thoroughly investigate the incident.

In May, two other sexual assaults were reported at KSU.

Chase Massner search ends; turns up area of 'high interest'

KENNESAW, Ga. -- Search groups in the hunt for missing soldier Chase Massner say an "area of high interest" was found over the weekend.


Massner went missing in the Cobb County woods over a year ago. Missing in America, a group from New Jersey, and Guardian Angels have joined the effort.

The groups organized a search that began over the weekend and ran through Tuesday.

A spokesperson for Missing in America said that searchers found garments and a tent near a cliff. These are now being processed to see if they are in any way related to their missing person.

Groups, Volunteers Renew Search Efforts for Missing Vet

KENNESAW, Ga. -- Family and friend of missing army veteran Chase Massner have renewed their efforts to find him with the help of several volunteer groups.


Massner, last seen in March 2014, served about a year in Iraq.

"He always has a smile on his face, and he loved his family and I know that he's just deserving of everything that people are doing to help bring him home," said family friend, Christine Lemoine.

Online posts on social media led to a connection with Missing in America, a group with a successful record of finding answers for families.

#ItsBiggerthanKSU: KSU apologizes for adviser's behavior in viral video

KENNESAW, Ga. -- Kennesaw State University officials have apologized for a student adviser's behavior in an incident that was captured on video and spread on social media.


The video, which was tweeted by KSU student Kevin Bruce, showed adviser Abbie Dawson tell Bruce that he has to leave immediately. Dawson also accused Bruce of harassment.

KSU investigating 2nd sexual assault in 3 weeks

KENNESAW, Ga. -- Kennesaw State University police are looking into an alleged sexual assault.

Campus police say the attack happened lateTuesday night in a parking area near one of the university's on-campus housing.

Kennesaw State police informed all students of the incident and say it is currently under investigation. Campus police say they have added extra patrols on campus.