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Card soon to help residents pay less for prescriptions

Card soon to help residents pay less for prescriptions

COBB COUNTY -- A press conference between the Cobb County Board of Commissioners and representatives of the Coast2Coast Rx Card will launch a new drug discount program on Tuesday afternoon at the Commission Chambers in Marietta.

All cardholders, according to the Cobb County Government, regardless of age, income or health condition can save on prescription medications. While it is not a form of insurance coverage, the program is free, applicable to families, and void of enrollment fees, memberships or expiration dates. Cobb will be Georgia's 22nd county to participate in Coast2Coast. Participants can use the card for prescriptions that are not covered by various insurance plans, or to tackle high deductibles.

Celebrate Women's Health with Paint The Mall Pink Events

Celebrate Women's Health with Paint The Mall Pink Events

Atlanta-area women of all ages are invited to Paint the Mall Pink at Mall of Georgia and Town Center at Cobb, October 4-7. A cost-free, full weekend of activities focusing on the importance of women’s health will feature health-focused activities, keynote addresses from local medical professionals, musical performances, giveaways and more!

The festivities kick off with Girl’s Night Out on Thursday evening at 6 p.m. at Mall of Georgia and 5:30 p.m. at Town Center at Cobb. The first 300 attendees to arrive at each mall will receive event swag bags filled with samples from stores and themed goodies. Girl’s Night Out is sponsored by Gwinnett Medical Center, Gwinnett Magazine, FundRacers at Mall of Georgia and by WellStar, Little Black Dress | Little Red Wagon Magazine and Run For It! Productions at Town Center at Cobb.

Kennesaw Mountain HS to host carnival, blood drive

Kennesaw Mountain HS to host carnival, blood drive

KENNESAW, Ga. -- Kennesaw Mountain High School will host a summer carnival and blood drive this weekend.

The carnival is designed to bring all members of the KMHS community together at the beginning of the new school. It is sponsored by the school PTSA and will raise money for Shop with a Mustang, an annual program that provides necessities for students whose families are struggling.

LifeSouth will be at the carnival from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. to take attendees' blood donations. Anyone who gives will be entered into a drawing to win a digital camera.

Kennesaw Mountain High is located at 1898 Due West Road.

Protect Your Kids and Pets from Summer Heat

Protect Your Kids and Pets from Summer Heat

Summer in the south is officially here! With rising temperatures, it is important to take steps to protect those around us who might be vulnerable to the heat, like our children and pets.

Did you know that we lose heat by sweating? Water literally evaporates into the atmosphere and sucks the heat out of our bodies. Children produce even more heat than adults. This is because they have more body surface for their height. Children are also closer to the ground – and to hot pavement. They can easily become dehydrated or overheated.

Here are some tips to keep your children and pets safe in the heat.

The ABCs of SPFs

The ABCs of SPFs

ATLANTA -- Summer is officially here. Are you protecting your skin from the sun? Do you know what SPF (sun protection factor) to use? We spoke with Piedmont dermatologist Jodi Ganz, M.D., to find out what those SPF numbers really mean.

“The SPF number means it would take you that much longer to burn than you normally would without sunscreen,” says Dr. Ganz. “If it takes you 10 minutes to burn, then using an SPF5 means it would take you five times longer, or 50 minutes, to burn. An SPF10 means you could stay in the sun 10 times longer, or 100 minutes.”

But Dr. Ganz cautions that most sunscreens “break down” on average in two hours, meaning they lose their ability to protect you. So, you must reapply sunscreen every two hours.

10 Ways to Prepare for an Emergency

10 Ways to Prepare for an Emergency

The official start of the hurricane season is Friday. Whether it's severe weather, fire, a lengthy power outage, evacuation, would you know what to do in any type of emergency?

To stay safe in an emergency, it is crucial to have a solid communication plan in place for you and your family. Read more from HealthWatchMD, powered by Piedmont, for our top tips for communicating in an emergency.

HIV crisis facing black women in metro Atlanta

ATLANTA -- 11Alive News is sounding the alarm.

Research shows African-American women, many living in Atlanta, are being infected with HIV -- so much so that the new cases are being compared to African countries. 

Data collected in 2009 from the health departments in Clayton, Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, Douglas and Gwinnett counties indicates infection rates of HIV and AIDS, respectively, as follows: (This is for women and men combined, all races.)

Fulton: 4,213 and 7,342 

DeKalb: 3,257 and 3,983 

Clayton: 847 and 943 

Cobb and Douglas: 1,030 and 1,288 

Gwinnett: 884 and 1,041

In another study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, black women make up 60 percent of all new HIV cases among women. That's 15 times higher than white women and four percent higher than Hispanic women.