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Welders needed, as well as other skilled workers | Education

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Welders needed, as well as other skilled workers

KENNESAW, Ga. -- Fire can change your life, even a welding torch.

Whether you're a teenager looking for a career or a mid-lifer whose career has dried up, there are plenty of welding jobs going begging.

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It's just one of many skilled labor jobs, like sheet metal workers, electricians and others, that many companies can't fill.

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Many now in those jobs are middle aged and approaching retirement and vacancies can't be filled quickly enough.

"Get a skill because if you go to college and it doesn't work out, you have something to fall back on and college isn't for everybody," Eden Parks told 11 Alive News on Tuesday.

She turned to welding about five years ago when her previous career didn't pan out.

"You can make just as much money as a college graduate," she added.

Parks is one of the instructors as Georgia Trade School.

It's a new welding school opening in Kennesaw.

After a four month course for about $7,000, graduates won't have trouble finding a job.

Locally they can make about $22 an hour, sometimes double that if they're willing to travel.

"Go to some of these states like North Dakota, South Dakota; these guys are making $30 to $40 an hour plus per diem and they're banking all of it," said welding instructor Sean Quinton.

While the jobs are out there, be warned.

Quinton said it can be a tough, physically demanding profession that requires concentration and discipline.