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Try It Review: Quick Shine

KENNESAW, GA -- The first floor of Amy Ruel's home has beautiful, dark, hard wood floors throughout.

"We've replaced the floors with brazilian wood about two years ago," she said.  

But lately the shine has faded to a dull haze.  "I think I may have used something a little too harsh on them," she said, "and it looks like the shine has gone away."

The Quick Shine Floor Care Kit by Holloway House claims it can quickly and easily give floors a deep, rich protective glow.  The commercial says  "Don't refinish it, Quick Shine it. Don't replace it, Quick Shine it."

Amy hopes the $20 kit will save her a bundle.  "I was hoping rather than to replace or have them redone, just go ahead and see if this product will work for me," she said.  "Make it shiny again." >

The kit comes with a 27 ounce bottle of floor finish and a mop with two micro-fiber pads.

The instruction are just two easy steps.  "Step One, sweep and clean. Step two, squirt and spread."

After damp mopping her floor, Amy just poured on the finish and spread. Professional strength polymers with ultra gloss enhancers are supposed to renew and protect floors.

Refill bottles of Quick Shine sell for $10 and are supposed to cover 300 square feet.

Amy's floors looked better right away.  "It did bring it to the original shine of the floor," she said. 

After the floor completely dries, the instructions say you can you can apply up to six additional coats for a higher gloss finish.

Amy laid down additional coats but only saw a little improvement.

So while she's happy to get her floor's original shine back, Amy's disappointed that she didn't get the high gloss shine she's looking for.

"I would give it one thumb up for the ease of use and that it did bring it back to the original shine," she said.  "But probably thumbs down because it did not give me the instant shine that I wanted."