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Careful with Those Cannonballs, They Could Still Be Dangerous! | News

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Careful with Those Cannonballs, They Could Still Be Dangerous!

KENNESAW, GA -- More than a century and a half after Sherman's army passed through Atlanta, some of his Union cannonballs -- or maybe some belonging to the Confederacy -- still presented a potential hazard at Kennesaw State University on Monday.

A pair of them posed enough of a danger that the Cobb County Police bomb squad showed up on the KSU campus.

An 11:30 a.m. alarm sent students and faculty scurrying from the Social Sciences building.

"One of the crisis managers came in and said, 'We need you out of the building; get out now'," KSU sophomore Madison Mason told 11Alive News.

"I was in there, class going on," said KSU senior Amaku Ikpeme.

"We had to evacuate the building, saying there was some suspicious package in there," she added.

The bomb squad brought out two civil war cannonballs, put them in their bomb disposal truck and then detonated them a short time later at a safe location nearby.

"They were fused and ready, active and dangerous" Cobb County Spokesman Sgt. Dana Pierce said.

The bomb squad used a shaped charge to explode them.

Police are not sure if the cannonballs' black powder also went off in the explosion, but Sgt. Pierce called it "quite a blast".

He says police don't plan on bringing any charges against anyone at this time.

KSU is continuing its own investigation into how the cannonballs ended up in the classroom building.

University Relations Director Frances Weyand Harrison released a statement saying the cannonballs were "in a display case within a card-key, access-only room."

She said they had been on display for aproximately three years as part of a private collection that was donated to KSU's Center for the Study of the Civil War Era.

Harrison's statement added that a new administrative faculty member raised concerns that were brought to the attention of KSU officials Monday morning.

Meanwhile, many KSU students reacted, well, the way one would expect many college students to react.

"I got out of class, so it wasn't that bad," sophomore Madison Mason said.

"I got to go home early, yeah," laughed senior Amaku Ikpeme.